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Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Sheila who loved baking. One day, she decided to make her favorite dessert – mint slices. She gathered all the ingredients and started baking.
As she mixed the butter, sugar, and flour, she added some cocoa powder to the mixture to make the base. Once the base was ready, she added a layer of mint-flavored cream on top. She then melted some chocolate and poured it over the cream layer.
After the chocolate had hardened, Sheila sliced the dessert into small squares and took a bite. The cool, refreshing taste of the mint combined with the rich chocolate was heavenly. She was so proud of her creation that she decided to share it with her friends.
When her friends tasted the mint slices, they couldn’t stop raving about how delicious they were. Sheila was overjoyed and decided to make them every time they had a get-together.
From that day on, mint slices became a staple dessert for Sheila and her friends. Whenever they needed a sweet treat, they would always turn to these delicious, minty delights.

Janet Farrington

Janet Farrington

Slices (Mint, Caramel or Cherry Ripe)

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We Have three flavours available ...

Mint Cherry Ripe Caramel
Rich dark chocolate on a layer of smooth minty yumminess on a layer of chocolate coconut biscuit.

A simple chocolate biscuit base, then a layer of moist coconut filling with glace cherries, then topped with dark chocolate

Crisp choc top, gooey but not too gooey caramel, and the absolute best base, soft but crisp not too sweet, and just the right thickness.

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