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Pie Poem

Irish poem for all our meat pie lovers on St Patricks Day …

In the fields of green and gold,

Where the sheep and cattle roam,

Lived a baker bold and true,

Whomade the tastiest meat pies known.

With flaky crust and savory fill,

His pies were known both far and wide,

From Dublin to Galway Bay,

All the Irish folk he did delight.

Beef and pork, chicken and lamb,

He used the finest meats around,

With herbs and spices in just the right amounts,

A more delicious meal could not be found.

So if youfind yourself in Ireland fair,

And hunger’s pangs doth strike,

Find that baker’s shop so rare,

And enjoy a meat pie to your delight!

Heating Instructions Pies

Frozen Meat Pies and Pasties

Pre heat oven to 350°F. Remove frozen pie from wrapping   place on a baking tray and put in the middle rack of the oven and allow for 35 mins. Take it out and let it sit for 10 minutes before devouring!

Authentic meat pies bringing back memories

My mom went to Australia when she was a teenager back in the 80s and discovered these very tasty, savory meat pies there. This seller not only brought her back to that memory with these authentic meat pies, but now right in our back yard as a family! 10/10 highly recommend! Our family now has to keep them in stock in our freezer for the savory treats we’ve all come to love 🙂 Thanks Jay!

Jessica Alyse David